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Modded Sega Dreamcast Console w/ GDEMU v5.20.3

Modded Sega Dreamcast Console w/ GDEMU v5.20.3

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Immerse yourself in the world of retro gaming with a modified Sega Dreamcast Console, each enhanced with the following features:

New Shell: The console boasts a sleek and moderns shell, adding a refreshing flair to the classic Dreamcast design.

v5.20.3 GDEMU: No more GD-ROMs and failing discs! Elevate your gaming library with the v5.20.3 GDEMU, unlocking the potential for a vast collection of games on SD Card. 

SD Card Loaded with Free Demos: Dive into a treasure trove of gaming demos pre-loaded on the included SD card. Explore a variety of titles with seamless loading times and a streamlined gaming interface using ROMs.

New Rechargeable Console Battery: Say goodbye to the hassle of setting the date. The console comes equipped with a new rechargeable battery dedicated to the system clock, ensuring continuous time keeping.

Original Modem: Maintain the authentic Dreamcast experience with the inclusion of the original modem. Connect with fellow gamers, experience online multiplayer, and relive the golden age of online console gaming using additional modernization addons like DreamPi (sold separately).

Essentials Kit: The package includes all essential accessories to get you started including a Power Cable, AV Cable and Controller.

What are you waiting for? Take an unforgettable trip down memory lane!

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